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20-Minute Workouts

Fast workouts on any device, without stealing time from your most creative work.

Nutrition Library

Because you have a blog to write, a video to shoot, or a course to build.  Leave the food to us.

Powerful Community

Supportive environment of other male online content creators.  We are the FitCREATIVES™!


Here's What We Have Ready For You
Inside The Online Fitness Library App

6-Week Bodyweight Basics Program

Be stronger and more fit in 6-weeks... guaranteed!

No matter your fitness level, you can get started with these time saving 20-minute workouts.  The program is designed to properly progress you over a 6-week period so you can avoid unnecessary soreness and nagging injuries... making you stronger and more fit than you are today.

Fully Stocked Nutrition Library

So you don't use your creative genius on eating healthy

Inside the nutrition library, you'll be greeted with Monthly Recipe Packs and the Nutrition Power Pack, which comes fully loaded with a 5-Habits of Mindful Eating Guide, 4-Week Real Food Foundations Program, and a MyFitness Pal Tracking Guide.  Stop using your creative energy to figure out how to eat healthy.  We got you covered.

Powerful Community

The coaching, support, and accountability you need

As a male FitCREATIVE™, it's important that we have other male FitCREATIVES around us to connect with, especially on our fitness journey.  As entrepreneurial minds, we think different.  Inside OFL we've created a community where you can come as you are, as long as you're willing to get a little bit better...TODAY.

Here's how you benefit:

  • 20-Minute Workouts
    You're a busy content creator.  Despite what you've heard, you can get extremely fit doing properly designed 20-minute workouts.
  • Simple Nutrition
    Don't use your mental genius thinking about what food to eat.  Just tap into one of the many nutrition resources we've provided for you.
  • Like-Minded Community
    Nobody has created a fitness community for us male online content creators... until now.  Feel accountable and supported by men like you.
  • App Access
    You'll be able to access these resources and perform these workouts on any device, at anytime, and from anywhere in the world.  


"...stronger overall and began to feel more confident in how I looked and felt."

I create online marketing content for several clients across the country, so I'm often at my desk all day. I started feeling the nagging pains of being too stationary...

"...younger body with greater strength, endurance, and flexibility again."

For 4 years, I've been training with Coach D.  The safe and balanced programs have built my body up to new levels. When I first started I had all the typical struggles...

"Now, I feel more fit than I have in 40 years.  I am noticeably stronger, have better balance..."

When I first started with Coach D, over 6 years ago, I was under the misguided notion that what I was doing with fitness was working.  In reality I was losing muscle...

"Now I'm full of energy I don't get tired... and most of all, I'm a lot stronger..."

I've been using Coach D's programs for 5 years now. When I first started I was out of shape. I could barely lift any weight. I had lower back pain shortness of breath...

"...helped me achieve the all around fitness I’ve always wanted."

I’ve worked with Coach Donovan for years. I’ve always been solely focused on running, but his workouts have helped me achieve the all around fitness...

"...increase my physical strength, fitness, and endurance."

Coach D has trained me since 2005 and have been able to overcome a devastating injury as well as increase my physical strength, fitness, and endurance...

"...have increased my strength, stamina, posture and confidence!"

My wife found Coach D over 5 years ago. He's now been my trainer for over a year. His programs have increased my strength, stamina, posture and confidence!

( Beta opportunity limited to the first 50 )

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