I’ve been using Coach D’s fitness programs for 6 years now.  When I first started, I was under the misguided notion that what I was doing for fitness was working.  

In reality, I was losing muscle mass at a fast pace, had poor posture, was overweight, focused on chasing my A1C trying to prevent diabetes, and had a weak cardiovascular system.  I was spending less time doing the things I enjoyed and found myself on the sidelines more than I cared to admit.  Just not where I wanted to be in my mid-50s. 

I “gave” Coach D three months to prove that his program works.  Fitness improvements became obvious in short order so I stayed with it.  Now, I feel more fit than I have in 40 years.  I am noticeably stronger, have better balance, much lighter and have seemingly endless endurance.  

I enjoy an active life-style in my 60s that includes kayaking, hiking, cycling, playing ball and even wrestling or roughhousing with the kids!  Simply put, working with Coach D has changed my life.

-Jody Delino